Nicole Pigeon

Accounting Specialist

Nicole Pigeon joined DELTA [v] in 2008 as the Accounting Specialist. With many years of business accounting experience, Nicole brings a tremendous amount of financial organization to her role. She handles all aspects of the business’ bookkeeping, including accounts receivable & payable, invoicing, and payroll. Nicole is an expert at building corporate financial reports on a moment’s notice.

As part of corporate employee training, every team member experiences fieldwork. Nicole’s recollection of the event included “standing on the side of the road wearing a bright orange safety vest with cars whipping past me”. Although that was her only fieldwork experience to date, Nicole did add that she would be up for it again.

Nicole continues to revise and improve DELTA [v]’s financial systems. Ideally, time away from the office would be spent with her family (dog included) on the beach.


  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Reports
  • Resource Management & Productivity Reports

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Changed Corporate Invoicing Cycle to be more Client & Engineer Friendly
  • DELTA [v]’s AR Collection System Improvements
  • Developed Service Specific ROI Reports