Tom Bemont

Field Technician/Draftsman

Tom Bemont came to DELTA [v] from the automotive racing industry in 2008.  His real-world vehicle experience and interests make him a very effective field technician.  Tom frequently assists DELTA [v]’s engineers with the collection of scene and vehicle evidence.  From busy interstates to extreme weather conditions, Tom has assisted with fieldwork in any environment.  As the resident motorcyclist, that experience is often needed to investigate motorcycle incidents.

After the fieldwork is completed, Tom’s role is to organize and prepare the collected data for engineering analysis.  He builds 2D Analytic Drawings and creates video drive-throughs.  His responsibilities also include maintenance of all the fieldwork equipment.

Tom continues to develop DELTA [v]’s capabilities by exploring software programs. When Tom is not working, he enjoys a nice motorcycle ride through the mountains.


  • Motorcycle Investigations
  • 2D Analytical Drawings
  • Field Work Equipment Coordination
  • Collision Site Video Drive-Throughs

Recent Accomplishments:

  • AutoCad Certification
  • Developed an internal field equipment accountability system 
  • Created and constructed DELTA [v] Tradeshow Exhibit
  • Reconfigured and organized DELTA [v] Warehouse