NHTSA estimates that this year 85% of all passenger vehicles manufactured will contain CDRs.



Most passenger vehicles on the road today have the capability of recording collision specific data.  The industry term for this is Crash Data Retrieval (CDR).  The source of this information is the airbag control module which is also known as a “Passenger Vehicle Black Box”.

How does it work?

The airbag control module is constantly monitoring vehicle activity in search of a deployment event.  When the module is triggered, it records pre-deployment vehicle data.  The information it may collect includes: vehicle speed, acceleration, engine RPM, brake, and seatbelt status.


The information retrieved from the CDR is a graphical table/chart. The format of the CDR report will vary based on the vehicle manufacturer. We commonly use CDR technology to understand the pre-crash motion of the passenger vehicle.  Using this information in combination with traditional methods of reconstruction methods paints a clear picture of the collision sequence.