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DELTA [v]’s team is well-versed on the complexities of heavy vehicles.  Data collection is the first step to understanding the incident. Some common fieldwork activities we use to investigate commercial vehicle collisions are:

  • Rapid Response Scene & Vehicle Documentation
  • Scene Measurements & Photographs
  • Video Drive-Throughs of the Collision Site
  • Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder (HVEDR) Downloads
  • ECM Preservation
  • Commercial Vehicle Brake Inspections
  • Investigating Officer Interviews
  • Visibility Studies and Re-Enactments


Our clients have hard decisions to make.  It is our obligation to deliver accurate, understandable results quickly.  Our expert analysis is often packaged in the following deliverables:

  • Real-Time Verbal Client Communication
  • An Electronic Field Documentation Binder
  • EDSMAC4 S Simulation Work
  • 2D Positional Drawings
  • Web Conference Presentations
  • Vehicle Modeling
  • 3D Animations
  • Scene & Vehicle Photogrammetry
  • Written Reports
  • Custom Deliverables